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Humans are not transactional. Our self actualization comes from what we give birth to.

Here are some skills we know are essential to navigating our hyperconnected world

Magnifying Glass

In a world flooded with endless opinions and information, the question arises: How can we determine what is truly valuable and applicable?

Enter the concept of discernment. It's crucial to develop the skill of being a fruit inspector, carefully examining the source of the opinion.

Ask yourself:

  • Does this viewpoint originate from someone who has achieved success in that specific field?

  • Or is it merely an impersonal bot trying to pass off as a reputable figure like Oprah?

Dollar Bill in Jar

Financial Intelligence: While money itself may not bring happiness, the absence of it can certainly lead to unhappiness.

In today's world, relying solely on a single source of income is a risky endeavor that can have detrimental financial consequences.

One of the fundamental skills of successful individuals is the ability to live a debt-free lifestyle.

The concept of having multiple sources of passive income signifies a state of abundance and financial security.

Mastering the art of making money work for you is the ultimate skill possessed by the top 1% of the population.


In a world that thrives on interconnectedness, emotional intelligence surpasses IQ as a superior indicator of success. It plays a pivotal role in enhancing communication, management, problem-solving, and relationships within the workplace.

To excel both professionally and personally, it is essential to master the four key aspects of emotional intelligence: perceiving, reasoning, understanding, and managing. These foundational skills form the bedrock for thriving in various domains of life.

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