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We are Sriram and Jyoti, and we would like to share our background with you. I, Sriram, hold a Master's degree in Aerospace Engineering and Computer Science from USC. On the other hand, Jyoti has a background in the travel industry. After working in the software field for 18 years, including prominent companies like Symantec, ADP, and Disney, I began seeking alternatives that would grant me more control over my time and finances while still enjoying the security of a steady income.

While full-time entrepreneurship seemed overwhelming, I realized that part-time entrepreneurship could be a viable option. Thus, Jyoti and I embarked on a part-time catering business, which unfortunately faced challenges when it came to scaling.

Undeterred, I ventured into the research paper industry, only to encounter similar issues. However, luck was on our side the third time around. We crossed paths with engineers and entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley who graciously offered their guidance and mentorship. Through their teachings, we gained a deeper understanding of the sharing economy and the reasons behind the success of companies like Airbnb and Uber.

Working alongside private labels and renowned retailers, we assisted them in establishing online customer loyalty programs. After two years of perseverance, our financial situation had become flexible enough for Jyoti to retire from her corporate career in 2011 at the age of 29. She had successfully reclaimed her time. A few years later, once we had replaced both our incomes, I made the decision to scale back my own work. In my mid-40s, I bid farewell to my corporate career.

Our main objective was to prioritize being full-time parents to our children and create a lifestyle that aligned with our core values: family, freedom, and making a positive impact in our community.

In 2017, we began encountering other professionals who shared similar aspirations. After much introspection, we made the decision to scale our impact by coaching and mentoring these individuals, guiding them toward achieving similar outcomes. Our aim is to help others live life according to their own values.

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